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Bed unit ozone disinfector

GreatHealth-C3 bed unit ozone disinfector

 2021-06-25 09:33:35
GreatHealth-C3 bed unit ozone disinfector
  Product overview  
Greathealth C3 small bed unit ozone sterilizer (incubator ozone sterilizer) is a new type of disinfection equipment developed by our company, which is mainly used for sterilization of isothermal incubator in hospital neonatology department. The sterilizer uses ozone's strong oxidation and high-efficiency broad-spectrum sterilization function, and uses high concentration ozone gas to pressurize and penetrate, so as to completely kill bacteria and viruses in the deep space of potential bedding, mattress, pillow core and incubator in a short time. The disinfector is an indispensable, economic and sterilizing equipment for hospital to control cross infection and cut off infection pathway.
▲It is suitable for disinfection of sheets, bedding, mattresses, pillow cores and the internal space of incubator in hospital.
  Product technical parameters  
parameter numerical value parameter numerical value
Ozone emission of sterilizer ≥ 300mg/h
Minimum ozone concentration ≥100 mg/m3
noise ≤ 40 dB(A) Transmission power ≤ 100VA
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